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Long ago in college I had the opportunity to take some classes outside of my major, just for fun! Ever since I have incorporated photography into my work and my life as an outdoor recreation leader. I photographed kids and programs in youth camps for 18 years. Then I photographed the people and scenes on bike tours, which I led for 20 years. This was a great experience in terms of developing a quick eye for emotion in people and for the beauty in nature. I had to capture images in the middle of my other work responsibilities. My photographs were used for marketing and shared with guests. Since ending my tour guide career I have worked photographing running events, obstacle course events, college commencements and dance performances. I am looking forward specializing in pet photography.

Pet Photography

Pets have expressions, emotions and relationships with their people. I am excited to take photographs that will show your pet’s personality as well as the special relationship that they have with you. We are not in a rush so your pet will have time to feel comfortable in the studio. Or we can go to your favorite outdoor location. We can just photograph your pet, we can get pictures of you and your pet together, or we can do both. I will provide digital images on a CD or jump drive that you can bring to our shoot. You will be able to have prints made at your most convenient location. Also, you may use my website to get prints custom made and delivered to your home. Products such a mugs are also available via my website.